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Meet Amanda

Morehart Design Co,

Amanda established in 2020, Morehart Design Co. was started mainly out of necessity. Necessity to work efficiently and still be a mother to her 5 children.  What started as just designing floor plans and layouts for homeowners, with finishes and selections has grown into a small Design Build Firm. With family being at the heart of Morehart Design Co, Amanda began utilizing the woodworking and construction skills of her husband Michael, and together they have been able to provide homeowners and local businesses not only the design and interior finishes, but also the construction and now custom woodworking. Working with other area contractors Morehart Design Co, has quickly gained a reputation for not only quality workmanship but one to one service for both homeowners and businesses.   

Amanda Morehart
Owner / Lead Designer

At the age of 30 and with 3 children under the age of 5, Amanda decided to step back onto the college campus and finish her degree that she had put on hold to be a SAHM.  And after graduating in 2013, Cum Laude with a B.S in Interior Architecture & Design at The College of Mt. Saint Joseph, she quickly began working with BHDP, a retail commercial design firm as an Interior Designer, working with clients like Clair's and Macy's. Within a year and a half from graduating she was given the opportunity to be apart of the design and update for the formerly known as Paul Brown Stadium, now Paycor Stadium. She specifically worked as a one woman show on the Player Cafe. Working directly with GC's and engineers she was able to update the space that was the player weight room/locker and turn it into state of the art cafe for players and staff. With the completion of that she went to work with Al Neyer as an architectural designer. However, with the realization of the pregnancy of her 4th baby, Amanda realized she needed to take a step back. With the support of her husband who decided to step away from his career for what he thought would be "just a season" and tackle the role of SAHD, Amanda was able to continue working on her own.  She worked with companies like Parfetti Van Merle and Tulsa Zoo, as well as multiple small businesses throughout Cincinnati and NKY. Having only really worked with Commercial clients, Amanda was asked to help out a small design build firm doing residential design, and after a few short months was asked to join their team as a full-time employee. Amanda soon realized she had a heart and understanding for residential homeowners. She worked for almost 5 years with two local Cincinnati based high end design build companies. But with the addition of her 5th child, Amanda began to have a want to not just work for others but to work for her family. So she took a leap and branched out on her own. She began Morehart Design Co. simply to have something to give to her children and to be able to have flexibility to do what she loves and still be there for her family.    

Michael and Amanda have been married for 22 years and have 5 children. Olivia is their oldest at 21 and is currently in her third year at UC where she will be getting her degree in Real Estate and graduate with her a brokerage license. Charleigh is their second daughter and will be starting her freshman year at Thomas More University, where she will be studying Biology with the intent of attending Med School to eventually work in Oncology. Paden is their only son who is 17 and loves playing lacrosse and will be starting Trade School in the Fall to work as an Electrician.  Edith is their 4th child and the one that turned their family upside down.  She is 8 and loves life and wants everyone to know it.  Lucy is their baby and will be starting Kindergarten in the Fall, and everything you would expect from the baby with much older siblings.  She gets away with ALOT!

The Moreharts

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